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Auto Graphics



Traditional Vehicle Lettering
Although the popularity has dwindled as newer and more technologically advanced techniques have emerged, there is still a slight demand for traditional painted graphics to be used for lettering vehicles
Traditional sign painting involves a hand painted skill using quality brushes and enamels.

Cut Vinyl
Using cut vinyls is certainly the most popular and cost effective means of lettering a vehicle. A vinyl plotter is used to cut cast vinyls into the letter shapes which are then applied to the vehicle. This gives a professional and modern look to graphics. The drawback to using cut vinyls, however, is that intricate artwork can't be replicated. This is due to the fact that vinyls can only be cut into shapes. If a client requires intricate artwork then printed media should be used.

Printed Media
Printed media is a sector of this industry that is beginning to grow rapidly. It involves using large format full colour printers to print the design onto sheets of white or transparent vinyl that are then applied to the vehicle in one piece. Sections of the vehicle can be lettered with a single sheets or the entire vehicle can be wrapped in vinyl in a process known as vehicle wrapping.

Prices & Package Deals
The price for vehicle lettering depends upon many factors. usually prices depend on the amount of vinyls used. Sometimes we offer fixed price package deals where the cost is based upon the size and style of vehicle to be lettered



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