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Producing professional signs and graphics for over 40 years. I am a second generation graphics/artist . My father was a career pressman and printer who had years of education and experience in the printing industry. He was highly reguarded in the trade. He had positions in Louisville, KY, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL as well as Montgomery, AL. I often went to work with him and learned important basics about the technical side of art and graphics. My mother was a life long artist with a passion for painting landscapes, portraits, still life, and all other subjects. Her work can still be found in many states in the southeast. She attended art schools since she was in grade school and all of her life. She also attended a graphic/signpainting school in Jacksonville FL. She shared her experience and talent with me and I have enjoyed sharing this talent with others. I have been employed at several large sign companies and have had my own business for many years.
For businesses I strive to create an attractive, professional, and   effective, image which will help them to
communicate and grow. ---James Purvis


Purvis Signs
829 Fort Dale Road Greenville, AL 36037 
email: purvissigns@gmail.com
Tel. 334.383.9741